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Pupdates Hot Off The Press: July 22, 2017

Recent Adoptions!!!

Princess Polly

Little Pilikia






Featured Pet: Rusty

Meet Rusty!

Hi my name is Rusty.  I am about 1 year old and I weigh 9 pounds.  I am part Dachshund, part Corgi and maybe a bit Chihuahua as well.  All of those breeds makes me a very cool looking dude.  I have big bright hazel eyes and floppy ears and short legs. My foster mom says I am an ideal puppy/adult dog.  I am still active like a puppy but I am almost house trained and I don’t chew on furniture or take things I am not supposed to have.

I probably am not a good fit for an apartment yet.  I barked at noises.  My foster mom and I am working on that.  She is hoping I learn when to bark and when it is okay and I don’ have to bark. Once I am more familiar with all the new sounds I will settled down.  I already stopped barking at the dogs next door.

I like to play with other dogs and I am starting to play with toys. I warm up quickly, especially if you play with me or give me some peanut butter. I sleep in a dog bed or in your bed at night and can sleep in a kennel but I prefer to be outside of the kennel.

The adoption fee of $175 helps with medical expenses incurred by the Rescue.

If you want to meet him, please fill out an online application at and we will contact you so that you can meet this handsome fella.

Education: Why is your adoption process so strict?

This is a question that everyone in Rescue has heard over and over again. The best way to answer it is to explain the difference between a no-kill Rescue group and the pound. The pound adopts dogs and cats out to anyone who can pay the adoption fee, no questions asked. They do this because they euthanize animals for capacity. They intake far more animals than they are able to adopt out, and they have to intake no questions asked. No-kill Rescues like Help A Dog Smile operate far differently.

We can’t intake nearly as many animals as the pound, but we give 110% to every animal in our care. One of the benefits to not having a facility is that each of our animals is in a loving foster home. Our foster parents work tirelessly at ensuring our animals are safe, healthy, happy and well adjusted to living in a home. Because our animals are in foster homes, we get to really understand what kind of homes they would be best suited for. That’s where the strict adoption process comes in.

Unlike the pound, our goal is not to move inventory, it is find the best home for each animal in our care not matter how long it takes. We are all guilty “falling in love with a face”, but sometimes the cute face may not be attached to the animal that is the best fit. That’s where our volunteers and fosters come in… We want to make sure that every adoption we do is to a forever home, so our job is to match animal personalities to adopter homes and lifestyles. Applications, home checks and meet and greets aren’t the easiest way to conduct adoptions, but they are they best way to ensure all parties are happy. There is no better feeling than getting an update from an adopter stating the once homeless animal is now a cherished family member.

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